Windows – Where is SQL Configuration Manager in Windows 10

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I just have upgraded to Windows 10. I can't find SQL Server Configuration Manager. I have MSSQL 2008 and 2014 installed but there is no configuration manager in "All Apps".

This is just a picture of how I used to find it in Windows 8.1. 
In Windows 10 there is SQL Server Management Studio but there is no configuration like there was in Windows 8.1:

Start menu application listing

Best Answer

In later versions of SQL Server, the configuration manager is implemented as an MMC plugin.

There are two ways of accessing this:

  1. Navigate to c:\windows\system32 and look for a file with the name SQLServerManagernn.msc, where nn is the version of SQL Server you have installed. For SQLServer 2014, the name is SQLServerManager12.msc. You can double-click on it and you'll see a result. You can also make a shortcut on the desktop if you like.
  2. A much simpler way is to run the Computer Management applet from Control Panel→Administrative Tools→Computer Management, where you should find the configuration manager installed