Macos – Which version of Emacs makes the best use of the Mac GUI?


On Windows and Ubuntu I use GNU Emacs, but FSF doesn't provide binaries for the Mac

I have a decent version that came with Snow Leopard, but just running in the bash terminal. Is there a version that runs in a standalone window and is more Mac friendly?

I downloaded Emacs Cocoa from Macports, but it didn't compile.

Best Answer

I tried Aquamacs, but found that it tried too hard to be Mac-like. This is probably good if you're a Mac user who is new to Emacs.

If you're an Emacs user new to Macs (like I was a couple years ago), you'll probably be more comfortable with Mac specific builds of standard Emacs. I get mine from Emacs for Mac OS X. Try the standard build on the home page, or click on the "Other Versions" button for more options. I've been using the latest pretest version for 6-12 months without problems.

If you really want to be studly and build your own copy, look at the hints on the Emacs wiki page for Mac OS X. Note, in particular, that you want to build with options for nextstep and not cocoa or carbon:

./configure --with-ns
make install