Why does Pavillion DV7 say “Boot Device not found”


I've installed a new hard drive and want to boot from the DVD drive to install the OS, but I get the following error:

Boot Device Not Found

Please install an operating system on your hard disk.

Hard Disk (3F0)

I've directed the machine to boot from the DVD drive, then from a USB recovery disk, but the message pops up every time.

Is this a problem with the HD? I did not replace the stock seagate with the same one. I used a Western Digital instead.

NOTE: I am not confused about F9 and Quick Boot. I have also done the changes in BIOS.

I thought maybe the DVD was broken, but even when I direct the boot sequence to the USB, it goes to the HDD.

Best Answer

Enter BIOS mode and check if your hard drive is existed. If not, your hard drive maybe dead or it disconnect to your main board.

If your hard drive working normal, check your boot priority device, make sure it boot from your hard drive

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