Why laser printer cartridges cost more than the printer itself


My boss was kind enough and gave me an option for buying a new printer for future from now available funds. I suggested him to buy rather new cartridges because the current printer has been used very little and is yet working great.

Then I did some R&D about cartridges' price. To my surprise, it was huge. Since, I could remember the actual price of our printer, the price of four cartridges(KCYM) was much higher than that of printers' price.

This printer (please ignore the list price) has these four cartridges. Actually, the place where we shall be making this purchase has exactly the double price (collectively) for four individual cartridges, than that of printer itself. And, a new color laser-jet printer, of course, comes with four filled cartridges.

Why is this so?

P.S. I have tried by best but, not sure yet if my question falls under this scope. Please guide me if wrong. Moreover, I have tried to figure-out the reason but have not succeeded.


Frankly speaking, Shouldn't we buy two more printers rather than four cartridges?

Best Answer

New Printers have pre-installed introductory toner cartridges with lesser amount of powder in their cartridges. The powder is expensive. However, these are actually the cartridges what suppliers make money on. Printers are often sold at or even below the cost.

A new spare cartridge will have at least about 2X more ink, while in some cases it maybe 4X or even 5X more.