Windows – Will Windows 8.1 remain activated on a copy of a .vdi virtual machine file, if I have stopped running the original .vdi virtual machine

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I have two computers running Ubuntu.

In one computer, I created a Windows 8.1 virtual machine in VirtualBox as a .vdi file. I activated it using a product key obtained from my previous school's Dreamspark program. I haven't run the virtual machine for a while.

Now I want to use the Windows virtual machine on the other computer under VirtualBox (Or Virtual Machine Manager). Can I just copy the .vdi file from the first computer to the second computer, and run it there? Will the Windows 8.1 on the copy of the virtual machine still be activated, as long as I won't run the original .vdi virtual machine on the first computer?


Best Answer

If your Windows is a retail copy, yes. You should be able to remove the key off the first install, and reactivate once moved to the new virtual machine. But I suspect as Ramhound commented, you have an OEM copy.

One thing you could attempt is changing the UUID and other possible identification of your second VM to match the primary, but I suspect that to be a long shot.

(Ps, Im new here and this is my first answer! ^.^')