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I have 2 pcs with win xp and a wifi router ( without outgoing internet connection )…my job was to connect them over wifi to share some files. router was properly configured, both computers connected to wifi without problems, but when I tried to network them I could not see them in workgroup…i changed their names and added them to same workgroup but i couldn't connect pc1 to pc2 ( i could ping router from each pc but pinging other computer resulted in ping timeout) i cant figure out why this is not working since I've done this before on more complex networks and it should work but…( maybe I have gremlins hiding somewhere..)

edit1: Firewall is down on both machines( I disengaged it in both control panel and in services) and folder sharing and permissions are ok..
edit2: I know about Ad Hoc network ( wlan-to-wlan, without router/switch ) but that's not what I am trying to accomplish here 🙂

Best Answer

First thing to do is to disable the firewall. Don't consider this as a permanent solution. This is just a way to find if the firewall is blocking your requests. I have seen very similar problems before and 9 cases out of 10 it was the firewall.

So go to your Control Panel > Windows Firewall or any custom firewall you are using and disable it on both machines. Then try to ping / connect.

Also, when pinging and attempting to connect make sure you are using IP addresses, not computer names, then you at least know that this is not your host-name resolution service that is failing.