Windows – Win8 animation shows a window opening offscreen. How to find it?

windows 8

I have one program that seems to remember when my HDMI external was set up to be on the opposite side as it is now.

So when I click on the task bar icon I can see the animation of it flying off in the wrong direction and out of view.

I remember the "Move" function exists but can't figure out how to do it when the whole thing is invisible. Seems to me all I should have to do is hold the Windows button and use arrows until it shows. But I can't make that work even though the animation shows which direction it went.

So my question is, (without going into display properties and switching things all around), how can I move that program so it is visible?

Best Answer

I have this happen to PowerShell of all things. I hold Shift while right-clicking on the icon on the Taskbar, select Move, then use the right/left arrows to bring the menu back onto the screen, then click on the program's window with the mouse.

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