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When I install Windows 10 on my computer, I choose to erase all data from disk an create a fresh installation. I create a new local user (not a Microsoft account) and name it Jorane.

I use it without any problems for 3 days but today, I "lost" administrator rights for my account : when an app needed elevation the "Yes" button where not present and I could only say "No".

I boot in Safe-Mode to change my account type. I go in Control Panel/User Accounts/User Accounts/Manage Accounts and see something strange : my account had disappear. The only account was "Administrator". So I reboot in normal mode to find a solution on internet. But once again, only the administrator account is available to log in.

I had never created any administrator account in Windows 10 an had to boot again in Safe-Mode in order to change Administrator password, wich I never set. I created another account (Fuhonjud) in order to go in the internet, the Administrator built-in can't open edge.

I though that my account was perhaps deleted, but it's not : if I open an administrator CMD and list users:

C:\Windows\system32>net users:
User accounts for \\ORIONDE

Administrator            DefaultAccount           defaultuser0
Fuhonjud                 Guest                    Jorane
The command completed successfully.

Account "Jorane" is here

If I activate my account :

C:\Windows\system32>net user Jorane \activated:yes
The command completed successfully

But the account doesn't appears in Control Panel:

Control Panel

If I open lusrmgr.msc I could also see my account Jorane and my other account Fuhonjud. If I tried to create a new account named "Jorane", Windows refused because it already exists. The folder C:\Users\Jorane exists. I search a lot about this on the internet but can't find any solution for this.

I only have few applications on my account Jorane and can use the new account instead. I need your help in order to understand what append to Windows, if you already seen this and if anybody know how to fix it.

Best Answer

The most likely problem is that the account is disabled. This command didn't do what you expected:

net user Jorane \activated:yes

\activated is not a switch. Rather, that command reset the password on the Jorane account to \activated:yes. You want to run this command:

net user Jorane /active:yes

Note the forward slash and the spelling of active.

Also, a user won't show up unless it's a member of Users or Administrators. You can use the net localgroup command to list the members of a group. For instance, this lists the members of Administrators:

net localgroup Administrators

If Jorane isn't a member of either Administrators or Users, you'll need to add it to one of those. This adds it to Administrators:

net localgroup Administrators Jorane /add