Windows 10 Black Screen with working cursor after login

black-screen-of-deathwindows 10

I tried upgrading to Windows 10 yesterday, the update went fine, and after choosing the express setup, I logged in successfully, but now it's been stuck on a black screen with a cursor.
I've tried Task Manager, Win + P, and also trying to open explorer.exe with Win + R, all to no avail.

My computers specs are:
AMD A10-5750M APU w/ AMD Radeon HD 8650 Graphics, 8GB of RAM, and my Catalyst drivers are currently on 14.12.

Best Answer

  • Same issue, once started hit CTRL (which activated the password area), input password and all good.

    I had a VGA and HDIMI cables plugged in - unplugging the VGA fixed it. Win10 seemed to be getting confused by the two inputs.

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