Linux – Windows 10 build 14316: Ctrl + v doesn’t work on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

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On the new Windows 10 insider build 14316, I haven't been able to use Ctrl + V (shortcut for paste) on the new Bash on Ubunbu on Windows app. Has anybody else had this issue? Any solutions?

I have edited the app's properties to enable control shortcuts and insert. Also, I have tried Ctrl + Shift + V and Shift + Insert and neither work.

Best Answer

Why don't you guys just Right Click? here is how to enable copy and paste:

  1. Go to the top of the bash window, right click, go to properties
  2. Check the box that says Quick edit Mode, and you are set!

    Copy and Paste Enabling on Bash for Windows 10

Good day!

-- Activate Quick Edit mode, then mouse left-click is select text, right DOUBLE-click is PASTE