Windows 10 – Disable web results from Taskbar search

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Hello there lovely people,

I found a similar post of what I desire, but it was not helpful as the UI and settings available has changed in an update:

How can web search be disabled in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (Build 1607)?

I don't want to see random factoids like "How are the Red Sox doing?" or, "What's a Spartan?"

How do I limit or prevent Cortana's ability to reach the web? Before the text changed to "Search Windows", instead of "Ask me anything". I'm looking for the same thing. I only need the search bar for searching my personal computer.

I've learned that the new updates integrate Cortana with windows search even more than before, and everything I read about is not relevant to the newest updates (or not helpful).

Any insights?

Best Answer

some of the web search settings have changed if you have a clean install of the Anniversary update (1607).

  1. Go to Local Group Policy Editor ("gpedit.msc")
  2. Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates
  3. Windows Components -> Search
  4. Enable "Do not allow web search"
  5. Disable "Allow Cortana"

Apply and restart.

Note that Group Policy is not available in the "Home" editions of Windows.