Windows 10 does not search for files instantly

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This problem is quite confusing. I have one desktop computer and one laptop.
Both are running the same Windows version and build.

On my laptop, when I click on the start menu and start typing, relevant searches will appear instantly (without having to click on the "Search my stuff" button). This is how I want it to work.

Screenshot from the laptop:

enter image description here

On my desktop computer however, if I start typing I will have to click on the "search my stuff button" to get relevant results.

Screenshot from the desktop:
enter image description here

Why is the search function acting differently on these two computers? Is there an option I have missed?

I have already made sure that the indexing is the same and that all the folders I want to search are included. I have also tried to rebuild the index.

Both computers have been on for hours and they both confirm that the Indexing is complete. However it seems that the laptop will only return search results instantly if the files are stored on the C drive. This does not make any sense since the indexing service is supposed to index files no matter which drive the files are stored on. Indexing should be instant, it is not a real-time full scan search.

This problem seems to have been solved in version 1903. I can't remember which verion I was using when I created this post unfortunately.

Best Answer

  • This could be the result of disabling Windows Search in Windows Service.

    Let try to enable it again by pressing Windows + R, type: services.msc to open Windows Service.

    In there, search for Windows Search, double-click on it to open Properties.

    In the Startup type, choose Automatic from the list.

    Then reboot your Windows PC and wait for a few hours to all files get indexed. After that, you may be able to search for files instantly.