Windows 10 gesture to switch between virtual desktops


Windows 10 introduces virtual desktops, some sort of equivalent of Mission Control on OS X. You can switch between the desktops using the Task view or using Ctrl+Windows+Left/Right.

But I have been wondering if it is possible to switch with touchpad gesture, with a three-fingers swipe (like on OS X), which will be far more convenient. I don't think Microsoft will implement that before the release :(, it will probably need a tweak.

I have looked for some software to do that, but I haven't find anything. I tried to install a modded driver for my Synaptics touchpad in order to change the gestures' actions, but without success.

Does any of you have an idea about how to achieve that?

Best Answer

Confirmed to work in the latest build of windows:

  • Use 4 fingers on touchpad, place them gently on touchpad together and slightly move them to left or right; Which causes the virtual desktop to be switched.(like windows key + tab). Takes some time getting used to but in the end you will end up creating even more virtual desktops for yourself.
  • Use 3 fingers on touchpad with same gesture to switch between apps(like alt + tab)

Remember though that in order for the new gestures to work, you have to install a windows 10 compatible touchpad driver, which is probably obtainable through windows update.

If not, you can manually update your touchpad driver via device manager(right click and press update)