Windows 10 idle lock screen: keyboard keypress not detected

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This must be something basic, but I was unable to find a solution.

The keyboard keypress is not detected when Windows is in the idle lock screen. I need to click with the mouse on screen to display the password textbox. If I lock the computer (eg: Windows+L) if I press any key, the textbox appear, as expected. How can I fix that?

How can we login without mouse after an idle lock?

Best Answer

  • The probable explanation is that the lock screen does not have focus, so when you click you are regaining focus. Try entering alt+tab or ctrl+alt+del to test if this is really the case and if the keyboard is still reactive. If it is, then this is a bug by Microsoft that will probably be fixed in some future time.

    If your keyboard is connected via USB, a setting that might help is "USB Selective Suspend". This allows the operating system to place a single USB port into low-power mode, rather than staying on or completely shutting off all USB ports. Try to disable it by doing the opposite of the procedure described in the article Windows 10 – How to Enable USB Selective Suspend.