Windows 10 Left Control Key Not Registering


I am on a 14" Razer Blade Laptop running Windows 10.
Some time after I installed VirtualBox, my left control key stopped working.

  • Right Control Key Works
  • I have uninstalled VirtualBox. Issue Persists.
  • Control+D results in D (Same is true with Control+Any Key)
  • When running the On Screen Keyboard (OSK.exe), pressing the Control key will light up the control key on the OSK.
  • Filter Keys, Toggle Keys, Sticky Keys, Mouse Keys are all off
  • I haven't spilled anything on the keyboard, usually the lid is closed. I tried using compressed air.
  • When I connect an external keyboard (MS Wireless) the same issue occurs.
  • When I restart the computer in safe mode, the problem is still present

This issue has stumped me, and its super frustrating. This is my development machine so I would rather not wipe it clean.

Best Answer

This issue has been resolved.

It is not clear to me what exactly the problem was, but this is how it was resolved:

  • Removed and reinstalled HID drivers.
  • Installed Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center software.
  • Installed all Windows Updates (seemed to be a service patch missing)

Hopefully this helps someone else.