Windows 10 not recognizing second monitor plugged in Onboard Graphics

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My motherboard is a M5A78L-M PLUS USB3, from ASUS. It have a port for a VGA monitor, and I have a monitor connected to it (this is the secondary monitor).

I also have a Nvidia Geforce GTX 960 video card, and it has a monitor connected to the DVI port onto it (this is the primary monitor). This video card doesn't have a VGA port, and the secondary monitor can't be plugged in this card.

When I boot Windows, everything is displayed on the Primary Monitor, and I'm not able to use the secondary monitor for anything. It's not recognized when trying to select my displays.

On Device Manager, the monitor isn't recognized at Monitors, and at Display Adapters, there's only NVIDIA Geforce GTX 960.

This doesn't work in Linux also. If it could work in both OS, it would be great, but focus here is Windows.

What can I do to use my secondary monitor along my primary monitor?

Best Answer

I would suggest checking your UEFI settings.sometimes there is an option named iGPU - multi monitor or similar,under chipset settings so that when you have a PCIe GPU the onboard graphics get disabled.

1)Check UEFI settings,try making onboard as primary

2)Check iGPU and discrete are working properly ( through device manager)

3)I wouldn't reccomend any VGA - HDMI adapters since analog to digital and reverse usually doesn't work very well ( in my experience at least)