Windows 10 power user menu Win+X and context menu issues

windows 10

Hitting the Win+X brings up the menu as it should; although from the list Desktop, Shutdown, Run and Search are the only menu options that open. The other options click like they are going to open but they don't.

I've done some checking and found the directory C:\User\<user>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\WinX which houses the shortcut's for the Power User Menu. When I click those links all of them load correctly.

I'm not quite sure what's causing the menu choices from the Win+X, or if for example I pinned a directory onto the file explorer when I try to click the pin item by right click and then left click the item will not open.

Any ideas or help will be greatly appreciated. I upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Thanks.

Best Answer

I found the solution: AirDroid was the cause of the problem.

It seems like the DLL file AirdroidContentMenu.dll was causing issues with Windows 10 context menu. I uninstalled AirDroid and even after uninstallation, AirDroid left behind the directory and the DLL file listed above. After killing Explorer, opening a command prompt and removing the DLL I rebooted and the content menu issue was fixed.

The AirdDroid developers know about this.