Windows 10 Preview: Different DPI per monitor


Disclaimer: Actually I am on Windows 10 Preview, but I suppose the DPI features are the same.

I heard Windows 8.1 supports per-monitor DPI settings. But whether checking or unchecking "Let me choose one scaling level for all my displays", I cannot set different DPIs manually.

I would like to set 150% for the 15" Retina display and 100% for a 1920*1200 24" monitor. Is this impossible with Windows 8.1? If so, please tell me it is impossible. I do not want Windows automatically to choose DPI for me. I want 150% and 100%.

Thank you for any answer.

Best Answer

  • I think the reports of per-monitor DPI settings were reviewers printing the press release. After plenty of research and experimenting, I can report that 8.1 has no way that I have found of manually setting DPI per monitor.

    As you have found, you basically have a choice of 'Choose One scaling level', which doesn't work well with very different DPI (I have a Surface Pro 3 with 24 inch 1920x1080), or letting windows try to choose.

    Apart from lacking complete control, this also means that the scaling of my device display changes depending on whether or not it is docked, and requires at least one logout after docking/undocking before it improves. See further discussion at

    If you are on the 10 preview (which I can't at this stage), I recommend utilizing the integrated feedback tool to report that you cannot achieve desired results.