Windows 10 store won’t connect to the internet

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I have Windows 10, and the store won't connect to the internet. The funny thing is, all my browsers (including Edge) work fine. Not only is the store not working, neither is Cortana, and I can't connect a Microsoft account to the computer. The problem is the same for other accounts.

Windows store error code: 0x80072EFD

Here's a screenshot:

As you can see, Chrome is working perfectly (Firefox is too, but it's just hidden), while the Windows store is having problems with internet.

Best Answer

Sometimes using proxy to connect to the internet may cause issues while connecting to the network. Follow the steps below to disable proxy:

  1. Open the New Modern Settings
  2. Select Network & Internet
  3. Go to Proxy
  4. Disable Use Proxy Server

Now Open Windows Store it should work if it doesn't try to also Disable Automatically Detect Settings & Use Script Setup. Alternately Try Enabling them, & some enable disabled combination with these 3 options.

See Screenshot

Even after that if it doesn't opens Try the Following:

Navigate to


and delete all the files and folders. Open the store. Now it should open.