Windows 10 task manager shows 0% cpu under vmware

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I am running Windows 10 under VMWare Workstation Player 12.0.1 (Windows 10 is the guest, Ubuntu 15.10 is the host). When I run task-manager, it always shows that the cpu utilization is 0%, regardless of what the computer is actually doing. Each process in Task Manager also displays 0% CPU usage (even when building a large project under Visual Studio).

However, when I run "resource monitor", it clearly shows that there are processes that use much more than 0%.

Here are some screenshots, as requested:
Task manager performance tab
Task manager processes
Resource monitor

Best Answer

Uninstalling Hyper-V, which windows installed by default for some reason, solved this problem and many other problems I had with my virtual machine.

It can be uninstalled using the following steps: 1. Go to Control Panel --> Programs and Features 2. On the right side of the window, click on Turn Windows features on or off. A dialog box should open 3. Uncheck Hyper-V in the dialog box above and click OK

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