Windows 10 update stuck

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I've been having trouble with Windows Update for at least 2 weeks.

Every time I go to "Check for updates", I see the usual stuff:

Checking for updates

For a few seconds, then the following screen appears for just a second:

Preparing to install updates

Then back to Checking for updates. After a little while, I see Preparing to install updates again. It does this 4 times in a row every time I check for updates.

It just seems to endlessly try to install this package, and silently fail.

Since it started seeing this weirdness a couple weeks ago, I think I have not received a single Windows update, it seems to be stuck on this package.

How can I fix this?


As suggested in this page, I located the program, clicked Repair, and it did fix the Windows Update stuck on this package.

But now it's stuck on another one:

Creative Technology LTD

Same, it flickers several times, and never installs it. I tried to locate the only device that matched this name (my Monitor Webcam), uninstall the driver, and reboot. But it did not help.

Best Answer

Possible actions :

  1. Repair or reinstall Windows Update
  2. sfc /scannow - check Windows integrity
  3. Repair Install of Windows 10 with an In-place Upgrade

The last one in effect reinstalls Windows 10 but conserves all user data. It is often used to correct errors arising from imperfect upgrade to Windows 10. You should only use it if all else has failed, and be sure to take good backup before starting, and use the most-recently available Windows 10 ISO.