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I have purchased an i7 based PC pre-installed with 64 bit windows 7 (home premium). Unfortunately some third party 32 bit software that I need to use is not working properly (see for details). I am now torn between the plan of installing windows XP 32 bit or making it dual boot. Which option do you think will give me the least problems? And if the answer is dual boot, then can you point me to a good guide for how to do it, preferably a guide specifically for my two OS's created in this order (i.e. 7×64 first).

EDIT: the performance of my 32bit programs is critical so am concerned about any kind of 32bit XP "emulation".

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If you decide to go Dual Boot, you may not have to mess with repartitioning and boot loaders- provided you have a second hard disk.

My SATA based system allows you to choose the hard drive you boot from using the F12 key, with the default set in the BIOS if you don't hit F12. That way, I get Windows 7 if I do nothing, or I can choose XP or 7 if I hit F12.

The BIOS essentially switches which drive is C: and D:.

Since Anti/Virus programs are rightfully suspicious of bootloaders, and I have to load no extra software, I find it a good solution for me.

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