Windows 7 32-bit, 4GB RAM installed, 2.3GB usable

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I recently added a 2GB memory stick to a TravelMate 5740 laptop running Windows 7 32-bit which already had 2GB of RAM.
I am aware of 32-bit systems not making use of the full 4GB memory, but I was expecting actual usage between 3GB and 3.5GB. Instead, Windows reports 4GB installed, 2.3GB usable.
This is not your average "where is my memory" question, and I don't think it is a duplicate. 2.3GB of usable memory out of 4GB installed is unexpectedly low even for 32-bit systems. Graphics card is an Intel shared-memory one that uses 128MB. Can anyone explain this? Can this problem be "addressed", pun intended?

Best Answer

Here is something you are forgetting to mention:

If you have a graphics card that is not a dedicated Graphics card then it probably uses up memory from your computer.

For instance, I have an HP Pavilion G6 and it has a Radeon HD 6470M graphics card. It is a 1.5 GB graphics card and it is not dedicated.

Because of this, I am only able to use 4.5GB of the 6GB of RAM that I have installed. The graphics card uses the other 1.5BGs. A dedicated graphics card has its own RAM. If you have a dedicated graphics card and you have 6GB of RAM, then you will be able to use all 6BGs.

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