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I have a home built Windows 7 x64 computer with a Core 2 Quad CPU. It has recently taken to suddenly shutting down/turning off at unusual intervals. I should note that it powers down suddenly, and does not do a blue screen or shut down. It seems to be most common when playing media. I have tried running SpeedFan, and the CPU temp seems to hover around 49C. The computer has been running fine for over 1 year. Could heat be my problem, and how should I address it?

Steps Taken: (Problem Resolved)

  1. Completely cleaned the inside.
  2. Reseated the heatsink.
  3. Ran memtest 86, which found one memory error, which was followed sometime later by the computer switching off (which leads me to believe it's not the memory).
  4. Installed a brand new power supply.
  5. Inspected all fans to ensure they are running.
  6. Switched out memory sticks. This is not the problem, unless they're all bad.
  7. Reseated hard drive cable.
  8. Tried with a different video card.
  9. Tried the CPU in a friend's motherboard. Same exact problem occurred there.
  10. Applied for a warranty replacement.
  11. Replaced the CPU, seems to be working now.

Just as a side note, the computer is still running fine, it was definitely the CPU.

Best Answer

  • Replace the power supply and stress test your computer.

    Reseat (or replace) your heatsink and reapply thermal paste.

    Run +memtest on the RAM.

    Check all cabling; reseat the SATA/IDE cables to your hard drives.

    Clean out the dust as best you can.


    49 isn't that high of a temp. What heatsink are you using?

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