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A friend has managed to set up their new Windows 7 Home Premium Dell Inspiron and forgot the password they have used. I have tried the following password reset software to no avail:

  • UBCD
  • OHPCrack
  • Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
  • Trinity
  • Kon Boot

I have also tried to do a system restore but this asks for the password. The user does not have any data they need to save. Is there anyway I can get access to the restore partition using Linux to create a recovery disk or do I have to purchase a recovery disk from Dell?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best Answer

The way recovery partitions usually work is that when you boot, before you get to the Windows Loading screen, you press a particular key combo like Ctrl-F11 or sometimes F12. You will be presented with a option to go into recovery mode. When you do, they load a small OS and then a program like Acronis and the Acronis restores the original C:\ partition from the backup copy. I don't believe you can use it as a ISO type of file since it usually is a proprietary compressed backup image of the original factory setup.

Check the Dell website, I believe it is Ctrl-F11, but am not sure.

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