Windows 7 firewall blocks edge traversal(port forward from router)

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I am trying to set up a website on my windows 7 machine. I opened a 'inbound rule' in firewall to open port 8000. When I try to visit the port from another computer in my home network, it works fine.

However, I also want people outside my home network to visit my website. So I set up a port forwarding on my home router, to forward port 8000 to 8000. When I try to visit the port from outside, it does not work. I have a linux server in my home and set up the port forward, and it works fine.

So I am sure that the router is set correctly, and the real problem is in windows firewall. The fact is that local computer in my home network can visit the port while outside computer cannot. And in the inbound rule, which is set in windows firewall, I select 'Allow edge traversal' explicitly, but it still does not work.

Anyone can help me?

Thanks a lot!

Best Answer

If a user can access the website from inside the network, but an outside user cannot, it's almost always a NAT problem on the router.

But just in case, lets say it's not a router problem.

You would want to check to make sure that the scope of the Windows Firewall rule allows all IP addresses, and not just those that are within your local subnet.