Windows 7 freezes at Windows Logo on Startup and then boots up completely after roughly 20 seconds

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I have recently noticed that Windows 7 will freeze during startup, specifically while the Windows Logo is midway from forming. After this occurs, I will usually just have to turn my computer off and then on again. When I do this, Windows will boot up normally with no errors. If I wait, the computer will automatically continue booting up after roughly 20 seconds have passed.

Originally, I suspected this may have been a driver issue with Wacom as I received an error from one of the drivers however after removing them completely the problem persisted. I also attempted to restore Windows to a time when it was function properly using Restore Points with no effect.

I have recently flashed (updated) my BIOS and installed a 2nd Nvidia GTX 680 in SLI mode. I have also recently updated my Nvidia Drivers.

What could be causing this problem?

Edit: here is where it freezes. Sorry about the quality!

where it freezes

Best Answer

When you open the ETL in WPA, click on Profiles->Apply->Browse Catalog and select the file FullBoot.Boot.wpaprofile you see this overview:

enter image description here

and see a 58s delay in PreSessionInit/PreSMSS-Phase

What Happens in This Subphase The PreSMSS subphase begins when the kernel is invoked. During this subphase, the kernel initializes data structures and components. It also starts the PnP manager, which initializes the BOOT_START drivers that were loaded during the OSLoader phase. When the PnP manager detects a device, it loads and initializes the device’s drivers

Visual Cues PreSMSS begins approximately when the “Loading Windows” splash screen appears. There are no explicit visual cues for the end of PreSMSS.

I can see that the hang happens during ACPI operations and starting

<phase name="bootStart" startTime="45" endTime="58165" duration="58119">
  <pnpObject name="ACPI_HAL\PNP0C08\0" type="Device" activity="Start" startTime="50" endTime="56332" duration="56282" prePendTime="56282" description="Microsoft ACPI-Compliant System" friendlyName="" /> 

Here the prePendTime is 56s:

The prePendTime indicates how long the driver processed the IRP in its start or enumeration dispatch routine before it returned STATUS_PENDING. This value should be as close to 0 as possible. If it equals the duration, the driver did not pend the IRP.

So this is your issue. Analyzing the ETL for hangs I can see a call of the Intel Storage driver (iaStorA.sys) while init all required drivers (ntoskrnl.exe!IopInitializeBootDrivers):

enter image description here

Here you see the 56s delay. Your driver version is, which is a bit older. Try the latest version .

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