Windows 7 port 80 problem

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I want to run Tomcat on port 80.

I changed its port on 80, it fail to bind.
I check IIS, it use 8080(I configured)
Then people said winrm share 80 with iis, I configured that, it used

HTTP = 5985

HTTPS = 5986

Then I try

It fails.

And the 80 is used by nt-kernal/system, whatever that is?

Who is using port 80 and how I get it to work with Tomcat.

By the way, iis can work on 80. I think Windows 7 must reserve for it, but where it reserve.

Best Answer

First of all, nothing is reserved by Windows at all.

If u want to use 80 port for apache with IIS installed (on Windows 7), u just need to open IIS Manager -> open Default Web Site binding (right click and choose option Edit Bindings) and replace port 80 to 81 and press ok. That's all.

Now about TomCat:

By the default TomCat uses port 8080, because it is standard port for all http proxies.

If you want to set TomCat work on 80 port, u need to replace in apache config that it might use port 90 instead of default 80, so now u can setup TomCat work with the 80 port.