Windows 7 remote session not responding, restart remotely

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I have a Windows 7 desktop that I login to remotely. Something happened and one of the programs froze, and caused the session to freeze. I can remote into the system and get to the login screen, but after typing in the password, I just see the blue login screen with the "please wait" pinwheel.

Is there any way to remotely restart the computer or the user session? The system only has one user, the logged in one. I am 200 miles away on vacation, so remote solutions are best. Thanks for the help.

Best Answer

you can connect to a command prompt remotely with psexec. run a command prompt as admin on your localhost, and enter:

psexec \\remotecomputername -u username -p password cmd 

psexec will connect to the remote computer and display a command prompt executing on it. then enter

shutdown -r -t 1

to reboot the machine. your psexec connection will terminate in the process.

I usually start pinging the host (with -t99 in windows) before issuing the shutdown, so I can watch it go down, and come back up.