Windows 7: service pack already installed… or not

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate, with SP1 installed… or so I think. What I mean is that, when I go to "Start / Computer" and right-click and choose "Properties", what I get is "Windows 7 Ultimate. (C) Microsoft Corporation etc., etc. Service Pack 1"…

…And yet, when I go to Windows Update, I see that one of the available updates I have is a "Service pack 1" (KB976932). I install it, and it works… but it doesn't ask me to reboot my computer, and the next time I check Windows Update, the SP1 update is still there.

EDIT: I executed "winver.exe" and what I got was: "Microsoft Windows Version 6.1 (compilation 7600; Service Pack 1)". I should also mention that I discovered this when I tried to upgrade to IE 11 (which requires SP1) and the installer failed.

So… do I have SP1 installed or not?

Best Answer

You can try this options:

  1. Clean up temporary files and registry key issues with a free tool like CCleaner, and try to reinstall SP1 update.
  2. Download off-line version of Windows 7 Service Pack 1 and try to install it.
  3. Try to update microsoft update, and try again the update.

    It is recommended you verify your version of windows going to Computer > right-click properties.
    Also you can check it out if you go to Start > type "cmd" in the search box > type "winver" in cmd. On the version, you will also see if you have the service pack 1 or no.

    Please let me know if you still need help or if you solved the problem.