Windows 7 Skype shifts audio to speakers

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I have noticed a strange feature on my Dell Latitude running Windows 7 and Skype. When I am listening to music on the headphones, and Skype rings, then the audio I was listening to is redirected to the computer speakers, while Skype takes over the headphones. This is infuriating as my co-workers are treated to 1 second snippets of whatever rubbish I have on at the time.

Any ideas on how to stop this happening? I messed with some of the settings on Skype, but nothing seems to make any difference.

Best Answer

Only suggestion i could have is to check your media player, and Skype, and change them from using

  • Default Windows Playback Device

to specifically use one of

  • Realtek Audio Output
  • Logitech MRU-1601 Headphones

i.e. force it to something.