Windows 7 startup repair with Truecrypt

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I have many computers encrypted with Truecrypt 7.1a (current version) with the whole drive encrypted. Today one of them shows the Windows 7 splash screen for a moment and then goes into startup repair which can't read the encrypted drive. I've tried the various safe modes and what not.

The solution is to decrypt the drive and then run startup repair to fix the drive. The problem is that is going to take 50 hours. I've started that process for this situation but I need to have a way to cover myself when this happens to the next PC.

What can I do to avoid decrypting the whole drive? I can't be the only one facing this problem so I feel like I must be missing something.


Best Answer

  • If you're quick enough, you can hit the [F8] button immediately after pressing Enter (after entering your TrueCrypt password) and it will give you the ability to repair your computer or enter any of the safe modes, etc.

    Just verified it using Windows 7 Professional and TrueCrypt 7.1.

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