Windows 7: The ARP entry addition failed: Access is denied

arpwindows 7

I'm on Windows 7 and am trying to assign a static arp entry for my default gateway using the command:

arp -s 00-05-01-f9-28-00

But I get the following error:

The ARP entry addition failed: Access is denied.

When I don't mention my ip-address at the end, the static ip gets assigned for the virtual interface created automatically for virtualbox. I'm using an elevated prompt. I'll be grateful for suggestions. Thanks.

Best Answer

Here is what I found and it works great

arp -s : access denied. On the default gateway

Here is what I used :


netsh interface ip delete neighbors "Network card name here" ""


netsh interface ip add neighbors "Network card name here" "" "MAC-address-of-gateway-with-dash-here"

good luck