Windows 7 wifi / ethernet driver for Asus X551CA Notebook

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I bought a notebook Asus X551CA. I installed Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, but when I went to download official drivers for Asus, I can download drivers only for Windows 8.

I installed Windows 7 and it works, except for the wifi and ethernet driver.
I need to know that if I could resolve this problem installing driver for windows 7 of another series of Asus Notebook.

i don't want W8. I need W7.

Any suggests ?

Best Answer

I came across this article from Google because I searched for the same drivers. The information wasn't very helpful but at the end of the day I found the drivers and decided to share :)

These guys provide all drivers needed

In case you are suspicious about the site above as I was -- you can download the drivers from manufacturers' sites

LAN (Realtek)

WLAN (Atheros)