Windows – 7-Zip: Unsupported Compression Method while trying to extract a zipx file that consists of JPEGs


A zipx file I received consists of .csv files and .jpeg files. I used 7-zip to extract them. While the .csv files were sucessfully extracted, the JPEG files didn't. The error was something like this

Unsupported Compression Method for C:\\314567.jpeg

Best Answer

Use WinZip or Bitzipper to extract that file. (You can also try updating 7zip to the latest version if not already).

It looks like zipx is a format with a couple of newer compression algorithms.

ZIPX (.zipx) is a file extension for a compressed file that can be created/opened with WinZip (they first introduced the format) or Bitzipper. A Zipx file is basically a zip file but created using advanced compression methods, supported in the latest version of WinZip and also by other zip utilities (Bitzipper is the latest one to add ZIPX support). Because of these new compression methods introduced by WinZip, zipx is practically the smallest zip files up to date.