Windows 8.1 Factory Reset w/ Upgraded SSD and OS on that new SSD

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Why I am doing this:

I download the wrong graphics card driver update and now my graphics card has gone haywire. After trying several things with NVIDIA, including installing the right driver, and having no luck NVIDIA wants me to perform a system restore but unfortunately I had my restore point timmer turned off and no restore points have ever been saved.


I will need to do a factory reset. My laptop came with two available drive slots (We'll call them Slot A and Slot B) and one of them (Slot A) was filled by a HDD which held the OS. Slot A on the laptop has to be the drive that holds the OS. I bought another drive a SSD and wanted to put the OS on it, so I did not place the new SSD in slot B. Instead I took the HDD out of slot A and but the HDD in slot B. Then I put the SSD in slot A and installed the OS on the SSD using the tools that Samsung gave me (software cd).


Now, I am wondering if this will affect my factory reset because won't the factory settings be expecting the HDD to be in slot A? What are the things that could potentially occur while performing a full system restore with changed hardware since the time of the factory settings?

Best Answer

Since you have no system restore points and it is recommended by Nvidia to do a "system restore" then run the windows restore located on your restoration partition. Moving the drives from one slot to another won't make any difference since during the reinstall, it will ask you to select the appropriate drive anyways. When it does ask, make sure you pick the drive that currently has windows on it. Also make sure that your new install is a full install and not an "upgrade" when it asks to ensure everything is wiped.

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