Windows 8: Disk Usage at 100%? Nothing Responds

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Lately my Windows disk usage has been "sky-rocketing" to 100% and then everything freezes up, nothing is responding. I can’t even open the menu from sliding my mouse to the top right corner and I can’t grab the top of my screen with the mouse. Kind of just seems like I'm looking at a picture.

I've already looked in Task Manager to see what’s causing it and I can't find anything. Everything seems calm but at the top it displays Disk: 100%.

It will stop after about 15 minutes and everything will be fine and back to normal, then when I get on the laptop later and boot it up again the problem persists.

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Best Answer

It took me WEEKS to find out a solution. Hope is the same for you:

When the disc is working at 100% and Windows barely responds, try to disable wifi via fn key (if you're using a laptop) and check if it gets better. If it does, I reccomend you uninstalling the Bluetooth/WLAND driver and try again.

I made a clean Windows 8 install after weeks trying to solve it. But it started again just after I install the driver, and solved when I uninstalled it. I wish I knew that before having to spend a entire day installing and configuring my laptop again.