Windows 8 OEM Reinstalling

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I know this question is a repetition but I didn't find any solution of my problem from any of the previous questions. Recently I formatted my Laptop HDD and now I want to re install windows 8 I've a Windows 8 OEM license but the problem is I don't have a disc , I downloaded en_windows_8_x64_dvd_915440 from msdn , but when I boot the windows it shows the error that the current version is not suitable with my serial key, so where I can find an OEM Windows 8 and also I've a retail windows 8 disc so if I install that windows 8 in my pc and is there any way to activate it using my OEM key

Best Answer

You will need to find an unbranded OEM install disk. Otherwise, you should contact who issued the licence to you in the first place (Laptop manufacturer most likely), as they should be able to provide the correct OEM installation disks.