Windows 8 Start Screen: Show programs in order of most frequently used

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For me the Windows 8 Start Screen is just a great bit version of the old Start Menu, but unlike the Start Menu, it doesn't seem to order programs by frequency of use?

Consider the following:

While I DO use Chrome, Steam, and iTunes a lot. I've never ran Adobe Media Encoder, nor Adobe Extension Manager, nor Acrobat Distiller, or indeed most of the things on that list!

Is there a way to change sorting to "most frequently clicked on"? Or perhaps even create FOLDERS in which to group items (e.g. "Adobe Apps" or "Games" or "Microsoft Office"?).

Dragging them one at a time takes an age!

Best Answer

  • No, you can't. There is no inbuilt option and no app available yet which will let you do the purpose on the Start Screen. You can obviously get start menu replacements for Windows 8 which have the sort by most frequently used feature.

    To create groups, check out this link.