Windows – About adjusting brightness for Sony Vaio E Series with Windows 7 Home basic 64-bit

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I have a Sony Vaio E Series laptop with Windows 7 Home basic. I need to adjust the brightness of the screen, but I could not find the option for adjusting the screen brightness. Please help me.

Best Answer

Use the VAIO control center, and disable the automatic brightness adjustment. There is a tutorial here, and it is set like this:

vaio control center
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I am assuming that you tried using the function Fn key with F5 & F6 and they didn't have any effect.

If you don't have the Vaio control center installed or running, and don't want to add it, then right-click on the desktop & choose "Graphics Properties ..." and you should be opened into the display driver's control center (i.e. on my Vaio that puts me in the "Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel"); chose "Color Enhancement" from there & you can manually adjust the brightness, contrast, etc. However, this method is a static setting.

intel graphics control panel
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You can also adjust the brightness to a static setting for plugged-in and on-battery, using the granular power options in Windows 7: Control Panel ➯ Power Options.