Windows – Access Samba share with different credentials in Windows 7

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Windows 7 64-bit. Logged in to the windows machine with cached networks credentials.

I'm trying to access a samba share on the current network. The Windows machine is logged in to "itself" with cached credentials from a different network domain.

When I try accessing \server\share on my current network, I immediately get the message that I don't have permissions to access the share. I get no login prompt, so I'm guessing that windows insist on using the credentials I'm logged in with to access the share, which naturally won't work.

I even managed to "add a new network credential" somewhere, where I added the server and share, and the correct username and password. Didn't help, not even after rebooting the machine. And now I cannot for the life of it find where I did it.

Any ideas on how to get around this?

Best Answer

"I don't have permissions to access the share" usually means the credentials did work, but that particular account is, well, not permitted to access the share...

To specify different credentials, try:

net use \\server Username * /savecred