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I have some of my programs installed under D:\Program Files

I added this path in the "Indexing Options" and now when i type in the search box of start menu does show files from these folders, but they (*.exe) appear under Files subsection instead of Programs… which is further down and I have to press the down key so many times to reach them…

e.g., I have Notepad++ installed at D:\Program Files\npp\Notepad++.exe

Now I start keying "notepad" in the start menu's search box… it shows Notepad.exe under Programs and Notepad++.exe under Files

Any way to get Notepad++.exe under Programs or a shortcut to jump to Files section of the Start menu Search results?

Best Answer

  • The 'Programs' section in the search results is for items that were found in the "All Programs" part of the start-menu.
    I don't think that can be changed.

    You can add a shortcut to that folder ["All Programs" or its sub-folders] for each program you want to appear in the programs results section.
    The path for it [in Win7] is usually: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs.
    And you can also cut-&-paste directly to the start-menu (after clicking the all programs).