Windows – After increasing RAM size, Windows Experience graphics index rating went down

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I own a Sony Vaio CB17 laptop with an Intel i7 processor and dual switchable graphics card: Intel HD and a Radeon 6630M.

Originally, the laptop came with 4 GB RMA (DDR3 1333), but then I thought it was not enough to play some games, so I decided to increase my RAM to 8 GB.

I installed a similar RAM, and now my laptop has a total of 8 GB RAM installed. I re-ran the Windows Experience assessment. Although it showed an increase in RAM subscore, the gaming graphics subscore declined from 6. XX to 5.1.

I thoroughly checked for any hardware problems, but found none. Can anyone explain to me what might have happened?

Best Answer

Did your new RAM have a slower speed? If I'm not mistaken, the windows index measures based on speed of the RAM, not quantity.