Windows – Avoid downloading updates while USB tethering

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I'm travelling seldom, so I hardly need data exchange via mobile phone. I have a contract which has 100 MB of traffic included, which is really sufficient for checking emails and browsing the web.

However, it regularly happens (like today) that Windows downloads updates via that connection. Today there were 12 updates for me, 72 MB. I get informed via SMS by my service provider that my traffic has almost been used. Unfortunately, I don't remind myself disabling Windows Updates.

Is there a way of detecting whether a USB tethering connection is active so that I could disable Windows updates automatically?

I'm not necessarily looking for a complete script, just the concept would be ok. I can do some scripting by myself.

I have tried:

Looking up the connection in ipconfig /all, but I noticed it creates a new entry every time, currently it`s called "Network connection 3".

Best Answer

This Answer won't appeal to everyone, but it may be the right answer for some:

Upgrade to Windows 8.

Windows 8 makes it easy to mark a network connection as a "metered connection", and by default, it won't download Windows updates over metered connections.