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How I can create bootable external hard drive?


How To Create A USB Bootable Installer Drive For Windows 8

(some websites said that you must format your HDD with FAT32 but as you know 1TB cannot be formatted using FAT32)

Create bootable External Hard drive

but i cant format my external Hard FAT32 for doing this and i dont want to use USB cool disks(flash disks) either

is there any other options to do this?

thank u all.

Best Answer

Apparently it's tricky to install Windows on a USB Hard Drive
Here is an article from 2008 on it

But you can get around that by using an image.

I'd add, that you can use Macrium Reflect, to create and restore images, it is freeware,

Hello there. I have a simple solution for you if you are familiar with backup & recovery by acronis true image. Then step as bellow:
1. Install windows XP to your internal HDD
2. Make backup your windows XP by acronis true image
3. Create 1 primary partition in your external HDD
4. Recovery windows xp backup file which is already created in step 2 to primary partition in your external HDD.
5. Restart your laptop and press F12 key to get in menu boot select . Then select boot from external HDD

There may be a newer method , using diskpart and a VHD, which is mentioned at your link

You can format it as FAT32, and you can always convert it to NTFS later. (I did that with XP).

Windows 7 has a convert command to do that (XP had too apparently)