Windows C space constantly rising

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I am currently running Windows 7 on my C drive. I've allocated for it 25 Gb thinking it would be enough.
It was enough until a while ago. Now it just keeps wanting more. I get low disk space warnings whenever I start the computer. No matter what I do it just keeps eating more.

I've moved big programs to D(>3.5 Gb worth) and it still isn't enough. As soon as I free something it takes a hold of it and goes to anywhere between 0 and 200Mb of free space.
I've started going through folders and deleting program data that I thought the programs wouldn't miss(haven't ruined anything until now).

There are only 2 big folders on C: Windows 19.4Gb, Program Files (x86) 2.2Gb and hiberfil.sys 3Gb.

Can't even update Windows because there's not enough space. In the past few days when I close the computer it tries to install an update (Please don't turn off or unplug your computer) and it just stays that way until I force it to turn off.

What can I do? I really can't afford to install at the moment. Not for another month or so.

Best Answer

Disable hibernate for now Click Start -> Type CMD -> Right Click on CMD and Run as administrator then run the command powercfg -h off then reboot this will remove the hiberfil.sys and not allow you to hibernate. You could also try adjusting the Pagefile size if it is really large.

Your problem is more than likely the Winsxs folder which grows over time as you use more software it keeps multiple copies of DLL's etc for maximum software support.