Windows cannot access the external harddisk partition not responding

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I'm currently having problem with my External HDD Partitions
OS : Windows 8 64 bit.

I plugged in my laptop USB port and my laptop recognized the HDD
and this is what I sees in "My Computer"

So here's the problem, After plug in my External HDD, my laptop detected 2 partitions
Which is, E:/ and F:/
But I can't access my F:/ partitions, when I double click or right or try to do anything with it, I get not responding anymore!

Even I try to open ANY HDD Check Programs or anything, Nothing will respond until I plug out my External HDD from my laptop.

I tried enter into Command Prompt at start up and do "chkdsk F: /f /x /r"
It took fews hours, and after I log back into my PC it still same.
This is what I tried, before start up, if I do it in Windows, it wont scan, its just stuck,
till i remove my external HDD.

Can anyone help me with this? All of my Data is in that F: partition 🙁

Best Answer

From that last screenshot it looks like your disk is dying. Adding 1558 bad clusters to Bad Clusters File is something to seriously worry about. Considering the last message failed to transfer logged messages to the event log with status 50, it can mean several things. But the bad clusters are probably the cause.

I think your MFT is corrupt and maybe some other parts too.
In the past I had the same kind of issue with an external harddrive. I executed the following command line chkdsk /F X: (where X is the drive letter) about 120 times before it was fixed completely and I only lost 4 files (instead of 1.2 million). This may sound pretty weird but not trying is getting you nowhere either. And since you have bad clusters you might also want to try chkdsk /R X: or chkdsk /B X:.

Moreover to prevent more data loss buy a new drive, and when plugging it out, use the 'eject' option, it is there for a reason. People who say that function is useless were lucky enough to not experience data corruption (yet).

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