Windows – Cannot reinstall Windows on Toughbook CF-19, OEM or upgrade issue

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My Toughbook (CF-19) has a 'Windows Vista Business OEMAct, Panasonic' COA on the bottom of the unit. When I extracted the key before reformatting – it was a 'Windows XP Professional' Product Name and the Product ID code has 'OEM' in it…and I can confirm this upgrade was last OS installed (w/ Service Pack 3) – but there was the tablet functionality.

This extracted product key isn't working with any version of Windows I try installing. XP Pro, XP Pro Tablet 2005 OEM, Tablet XP OEM. Any insights?

Best Answer

Most likely it was licensed for Windows Vista but you/Panasonic used "Downgrade rights" to use XP Tablet Edition / Professional with tablet like programs.

The edition of Windows was not a straight forward OEM off the shelf copy but limited to disks from Panasonic. I would check to see if they gave you any media or recovery disks and if not, try and get a duplicate one from them.