Windows – Can’t install Windows Updates – Error Code 800706F7 (No KB3004394 update installed)

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Since the turn of the year, my PC hasn't been able to install any Windows Updates, outputting error 800706F7. Searching around suggests it's to do with KB3004394 and that I should uninstall it; however, this update doesn't appear to be installed when looking in View Installed Updates.

  • After running sfc /scannow, the CBS.log says the problem is crypt32.dll and that it cannot repair it.
    • I tried replacing it with the copy from my Windows 7 install disc via cmd, but this hasn't solved my problem; due to this, I am unable to use VirtualBox since it states this file is causing an error that prevents the Virtual Machines from opening
  • Oracle suggests VirtualBox is unable to verify this file and that KB3004394 didn't install the Windows 7 x64 catalog, which is used to verify crypt32.dll

The majority of suggestions relating to error 800706F7 and a corrupt crypt32.dllis to remove that update, which I can't since it's not installed, and have even used the Windows Update that specifically removes KB3004394 just to make sure.

How do I troubleshoot and fix this?

Best Answer

After removing some Windows shortcuts from the Start menu, I had a similar issue. Some shortcuts and folders, such as Administrative Tools and Accessories are required or update fails, see Error with Windows Update, Problems renaming Windows Accessories and Issue installing.... If anyone has a complete list of required Start menu folders and shortcuts, please add it to this answer.

Also, if there are incomplete updates, the botched files need to be removed; see Repairing the Windows 7 Update Folder.

Hopefully, the updates should take care of the invalid crypt32.dll.