Windows – Change the text in title-bar of chrome window from [xyz – Google Chrome] to [xyz – Something Else]


I'm using VirtuaWin and it lets you assign different desktops to different windows based on their title, and I want to assign 2 different chrome processes to 2 different desktops.

Is there a way (extension or a setting) to change the title of a particular window to change it from

[xyz - Google Chrome]


[xyz - Something Else]


Best Answer

Update 2021

Chrome Canary (v91) now lets you change the full window title. You have to go to Customise and Control Google Chrome > More tools > Name window. A dialogue will open, where you can specify a custom name for the window.

This seems to be controlled by the #window-naming flag, which is set to expire in v92.

Hopefully, this feature will come to Chrome Stable so that it can benefit the general public.

'Name this window' dialogue

Custom window title as seen in Process Explorer

Original answer

A nice extension to change the title of a tab is to use Tab Title Tweaker (TTT). Right-click on the extension and select options to set some rules. For example, rename,, Test will make the title of Google's tab say "Test". Google with a renamed tab